Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Push-ups Carlson!

Mommy tells me that’s what they used to say to daddy in college. He looked like what they call, “a meathead,” and his teammates heckled him about his chest. Well, I’ve begun my push-ups at 7 months. When I wake up from my naps or mommy and daddy come in to get me in the morning, I can push-up high enough to look over the crib railing. I look like a little prairie dog while I practice my push-ups. I’ve also taken a liking for tummy sleeping since I’ve slept exclusively on my back for the last 7 months. I can mostly sit-up unassisted and I suspect I’ll be crawling by my next post. If the speed and frequency of my leg kicking is any indication of my future crawling speed, everyone will be in for a treat!

Bring on the bananas, the pears, apples, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, apricots, pumpkin….and only if I’m starving to death, winter squash. So far, I love most food and I’m eating 3 solid meals per day, alongside some milk. I’m also a big fan of wearing it all over my face. When it comes to milk, I now kick back and give myself my own bottle, which allows me to eat breakfast with mommy and daddy.

I continue to have lots of adventures at the park (I love the swing!), at restaurants, parties and sport events. A couple weeks ago, my friend Rinny came to stay with us for the weekend of a big race – the California 70.3. I cheered really loud for her and she must have been inspired because she went from 5th place to 1st, and won the race in the last 200 meters. The next day, daddy brought me to the San Diego Crew Classic to show me off to his friends and to teach me about the silly sport of rowing. That afternoon, daddy worked on a house project and mommy was at meetings, so I hung out with “The Champ.” Even with sore legs, Rinny was a great baby-sitter.

I had my 1st visit with the Easter bunny and went to a party with an Easter Egg Hunt. That afternoon, we also visited Aunt Roochie’s house and Jacob, my BFF, and I had Easter dinner together. Aunt Lizzy also came over and cooked dinner. She's a very good golf and soccer player, and heads up PR at Taylormade - a golf company. Here she is below:

I continue to talk and laugh a lot. No “words” yet but my parents have some funny stunts that make me laugh….I’m happy anyway but I like to make them work for it. I laugh the hardest when daddy sings Jimi Hendrix or mommy hops like a frog when I’m in my jumparoo.

Till next time…love, acc