Sunday, November 16, 2008



I am two months old today! I'm sorry i've been blog delinquent but I've been really busy. My priorities have been to grow, grow and grow more. Since my last entry, I've nearly doubled my body weight (about 8lbs right now) and have become an expert breastfeeder. Both of these things have also made me a pretty good sleeper. While I started waking mommy and daddy up three times per night (every 3 hours, sometimes 2 1/2) for 90 minute sessions, now I typically do one 6 hour stretch and one 4 hour stretch. I can tell by looking at mommy and daddy that it helps them a lot! I am still sleeping in mommy and daddy's room but I think I'm moving out very soon because Im very loud in my "active sleep" when I practice my zoo animal noises or try to play the clarinet.

I hit a big milestone today by getting up really early and heading down to Imperial Beach so that mommy and daddy could run a race for Mr. Eric. He has a foundation called HeadNorth and mommy and daddy raised money for this great foundation. Daddy ran the 1/2 marathon and mommy ran the 5K. Not only was I a good boy while my parents were running but I had my first feeding in the car. Mommy finished her race and we immediately went to the car to eat because I was hungry from all the cheering. While she ran, my friend Bernie took care of me. I really enjoy being with Bernie. She trains my mommy in Pilates and she's so fun to hang out with. Mommy has found some other friends to look after me while she goes for quick runs or has quick meetings. For instance, I took a nap on Mac once - see the pic below.

As for my social life, I've been getting out and about. I've probably been to about 5 breakfast dates and 6 dinner dates. I go in my car seat and though I'm sometimes awake, I prefer to sleep through these meals to give mommy and daddy some time. My lunch dates have also been pretty fun. I had lunch with my friend Kristin, and with James and Kevin the girl. My at home dinner visitors have been great too! We had the Azevedos, the Ragusas, the Jackels, Mac and Meredith, and Brian - but that visit wasn't as fun because Brian and mommy just worked on budgets all night. I've also been to the mall and to my grandparents house. Last week my grandpa had knee surgery so I went to see what this new knee was all about.

We've had several family members in town and you'll see them in the photos. They include Uncle Michael and Aunt Nikka, Uncle Alex and Aunt Diana, Aunt Veronica, my great aunt Estela and of course, my grandparents come a lot. I have a lot of fun with grandparents because they spoil me.

Mommy has been home alone with me for most of the 6 weeks we've been at home and she's sort of starting to get me on a schedule...well, we're working on it. Many times I interrupt mommy's plans for the day, but we have a lot of fun playing. Of course, there are the difficult days and those are the ones when mommy is happy to see daddy at night. As we've been so busy, we are all most grateful for everyone's hospitality towards us. We've had many friends bring dinners and just last night, Gerry and Jen brought us a huge box of goodies from Costco. I looked at the box and wondered why we needed so much food when all I really need is mik. I love milk.

Now that I've got this baby business figured out, I'll start spending more time on my blog so I can stay in touch with my fans. My closing milestones are that I've begun to focus my eyes, I can lay on my stomach and turn my head from one side to another, and if I'm put down in my crib parallel, you will find me perpendicular within a few hours because I like to wiggle myself around. Enjoy the photos below and I promise to send you all updates more often.

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Getting sooo big! Cute pics :)