Sunday, November 22, 2009


I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately. I was on the east coast in August for a family visit and then returned again in October for Tio Lalo and Tia Ne’s wedding. My grandmom made me some cool overalls to wear so I could be dressed up, like the rest of the boys. My papa told me I couldn’t steal the show, since it was Tia Ne’s day, but I owned the rest of the week. I went to all the parties and even rode in a limo!

After the wedding, we had a nice visit with my Sroka aunts and uncles. Alex and Diana drove up from Philly while Cesar and Sonia drove down from NYC.

We came home to a lot of construction and dust in the house as mama and papa are re-doing their bathroom. I’ve learned a lot of things about construction. First of all, construction makes a lot of NOISE! Second, it sounds like it always takes twice as long as everyone says it’s going to take. And lastly, my papa told me it usually costs a lot more than they say it’s going to cost at the beginning. The good thing is that the bathroom looks nice and believe it or not, I slept through the jack-hammering and the bull-nosing.

Halloween!!! That was fun. To everyone’s surprise, my grandmom made me a monkey costume! It even had a monkey belly-button and a 2 foot long tail. I got to trick-or treat and made a lot of friends. The best part was when my mamma and papa thought I was just sucking on the outside of the wrapper of a Twix, but I dug through it with my teeth and was licking the caramel. Yummy!!! Speaking of teeth, I’ve got many and my molars are poking through. I’ve been eating pretty much everything, but I especially love sharing my papa’s cereal with him in the morning.

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