Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer in San Diego

My mommy has been pestering me to update my blog for weeks, so I decided I HAD to make an entry for her birthday....Happy Birthday Mommy!   I'm going to be a really good boy today.

For everyone else, here's the latest....I'm still not crawling (close though), but I have 3 new teeth and you can see them when I giggle.  Teething hasn't been that big of deal, but I did have a diaper rash for a couple days that was pretty tough.  Among buttbaths and ointments, the best remedy was suntanning my bum.  Check out the photo of me suntanning....
I've been spending a lot of time outside and am really enjoying our backyard.  Swimming is my new sport.  I kick my legs and my daddy throws me up high in the air.  Mommy tries to do it and even though I pretend it's fun, I don't get as much "air."   

I've been having so much fun I even invited by BFF Jacob Rand to come over. It was his 1st time in the pool.

My favorite pool time is when both my mommy and daddy are in. We swim around, kick my legs, and play in the waterfall. I have yet to dunk my head but my daddy really wants to....mommy won't let him.

After a fun swim, we have dinner and I've started to eat more chunky food and "grown up" food off the table all mushed up. One of my favorites is avocado.....what can I say, I'm from California, home of the avocado.

After a long day, I enjoy a bath with my rubber ducky to get the chlorine off. Then I get my nightcap bottle. I don't really need it but my mommy and daddy are worried I won't sleep my 10 hours without it. Suckers!

i hope you are all having a good summer. I keep saying this but I mean it....come visit me!
- andrew

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